Sunday, April 01, 2012

Italy Day #3

I have so many photos from this day, but most are on my good camera. Tried to also snap iPhone pics as we went but I'm missing quite a bit.

Our last day we hit all 5 towns along the Cinque Terre.

Visiting the stone Neptune in Monterosso while waiting for the train
(must remember to read up on Neptune with the kids!)

Took the train back to Riomaggiore and hiked on the "Via dell'Amore" (Way of Love) to the next town of Manarola.

Beginning of Via Dell'Amore

Hike along the sea

In Manarola we had a panini lunch at a quaint little restaurant overlooking the sea.

Kids looking for Matt from a balcony in Manarola.

We then took the train to Corniglia (normally you can hike between all the towns but most of the paths were closed due to a storm/flooding last October). We hiked up the 382 steps to Corniglia (although you would have thought the kids were climbing Mt. Everest!) which was my favorite of the towns. Quaint streets, cute store and a beautiful view. Most of those photos are on my good camera.

Gelato in Corniglia

Gelato makes the walk down the steps much happier!

We were tired at this point, so we went back to our hotel for a nap and some time at the beach.

Kate climbing the giant rock

Not realizing that Vernazza had been hit harder than the other towns (we expected the damage to be like Monterosso), we went there looking for dinner. Unfortunately, the damage to Vernazza was quite extensive. It seemed that the first floor of every building was filled with mud in the flooding. No shops or restaurants were open. Still it was good for us to see how affected the town was.

We went back to Monterosso and had dinner in the same restaurant we ate in the first night.

The pesto on my ravioli was the BEST pesto I've ever had. Best, by far! Jack was also excited to show me that he like fried smelt fish - ate the whole thing - "even the bones!" he boasted!

Watching the kids play in the streets after dinner

The next morning we headed back to Switzerland after breakfast (I think I've failed to mention the amazing croissants our hotel had for breakfast. Um... yum!).

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