Thursday, April 05, 2012

The Annoying and The Flattering

I should be posting some photos of our outing today. Too tired. Maybe tomorrow? Of course, tomorrow for me is really middle-of-the-night for most of you.

When we started planning this trip, I was originally thinking it would be two weeks long. Seemed like a nice, worth-the-jet-lag period of time. Then we were invited on "holiday" (I joke about using European phrases but the kids are totally picking it up - Kate is even using an accent occasionally) with our friends, and the trip was extended another week. Then my sister decided to join us for a week. A month! An entire month in Europe! It seemed like an unthinkable amount of time to be here. A trip of a lifetime! Who has the ability to make trips like this? I sorta expected swooning when I told people. Then we get here and start meeting others taking trips that are at least a month... or 2... or 3. Or a year. Or they moved here for an undetermined amount of time. Kinda takes the wind out of my sails. So I sorta need someone to swoon for me...

On the train today, there were two Americans sitting across the aisle from us. Since I can't eavesdrop on anyone speaking French, I was listening to their conversation (What can I say? It was interesting what their friends post on Facebook! Plus they were speaking so loud. Annoying Americans!). When we got close to our stop, I told the kids to turn off their ipods (I'm letting them listen to books on tape on the longer train rides) and chatted about a few other things. I then heard one American remark to the other (quietly this time!) that "those kids speak English!" The other responded, "yes, you have to be careful because you never know." Made me giggle inside, but I was also completely flattered - they thought we were locals! I don't look like a tourist! Nor do my kids. Wondering if it was my cute rain trench, the scarf I bought in Italy, or the casual, unimpressed look I had on my face...

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Stephanie said...

I'm swooning, I'm swooning!! I can't imagine how amazing it would be to travel in Europe for a month. And can I just say how IMPRESSED I am that you are doing part of it alone with both kids?? I have only been abroad once - a few years ago, my mom took my sister and I to Paris for a week and it was amazing. I would love to take the kids to London sometime...I'm living vicariously through you! And super cool that you guys look like locals!

ashlee said...

you're in France? you must have looked super bored to pass as a local... ;)your stylish duds too.

those chicks sound a bit, meh, dumb? i think the majority of Europeans speak/understand English. Aren't we the only country that thinks we can get away with only speaking our own language??

GAH! i love your trip so far! please don't decide to move to Europe for an unspecified amount of time. i would miss you too much!

Jean C. said...

Chalk me up as a swoon-er! I wouldn't mind going to Europe for a month... or even a couple of weeks for that matter! Hope your enjoying yourselves.
Hopefully the "Americans" were not saying anything that your kids couldn't hear anyway!
Happy Easter!

Beth Moore said...

I'll swoon. I've never been anywhere, let alone for month!!