Wednesday, March 21, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Going to have a bit of a sabbatical from my sewing machine. Gotta get this documented so I know where I left off so I can pick it back up when I return...

BB=Back Burner

Completed Projects To Be Blogged

  • Crazy Clown Colors Quilt
  • Modern Houses Quilt
  • Teacher going away quilt
  • Minky Baby Quilt
Quilts Needing Binding
  • Halloween Quilt
  • Halloween Table Runner
  • Camper's Quilt (almost done...)
  • Valentine's Day table runner
Quilts Needing Basting/Quilting
  • Pinwheel Quilt (needs backing)
  • Wonky Pinky Quilt (BB - I think this one is going to get cut up and redone...)
  • M's Quilt (basted... just can't figure out how to quilt it... I've stared at it for hours...)
  • Sorta Stacked Coins Quilt (BB)
  • Miss D's Quilt (BB)
  • Habitat Challenge Quilt #1
  • Habitat Challenge Quilt #2
  • Unnamed BIG quilt (formally known as the Facade Quilt)
  • Repro Quilt #2 (part way quilted - want to do a row a day and just get it done)
Quilts Being Cut and/or Pieced
  • Ticker Tape Quilt (BB)
  • Green Squares Quilts x2
  • Sew-In Quilt (BB)
  • Repro Quilt #1
Non-Quilt Sewing Projects
  • Bath wraps for Kate and American Girl Doll
  • Fleecy PJs for Kate
  • Bike Bag for Jack
  • Kids' Xmas gifts for 2012 (making progress)

1 comment:

audreypawdrey said...

I can't wait to see all of your quilts to be blogged when you return from your lovely sabbatical!