Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lazy Leprechauns

Friday night we were TIRED. Matt worked night shift all last week, and I have trouble falling asleep when he isn't home. Plus I was sick the first half of the week. The kids also had a couple late nights (we can do that when we don't have to get up for school!). We spent Friday afternoon at the Denver zoo, had a nice dinner in a little pizzeria, and hit up the big, Denver REI for some trip necessities (and niceties...). When we got home, Matt and I just wanted to go to bed. And I hadn't gotten any green hairspray for Nina. We made the executive decision that this year the leprechauns would come the night after St. Patrick's Day. Kept our fingers crossed that the kids wouldn't notice.

The kids didn't notice and the leprechauns were out in all their glory last night... colored the dog (gold glitter this year since green was sold out!), pee'd green in the toilets, rearranged furniture and turned things upside down, sprayed silly string everywhere, turned the bathroom water green (using red+blue bath fizzies), and left us our annual box of Lucky Charms. Despite our best efforts to catch them in traps, we only captured some chocolate coins... that's good because I was afraid a captured leprechaun might bight!
Kate's Trap
(Leprechauns had already taken the bait of candy & green Mardi Gras necklace)
Jack's Trap
(He used rainbow Skittles and shiny pennies as bait)
Green Water!!
Turned around furniture
Lucky Charms & Silly String
Gold Haired Dog & Red Headed Husband
This lazy leprechaun has got to get better as the kids get older. I accidentally left the green food coloring out in the bathroom after "peeing" in the toilets. Fortunately I found it before the kids did.
Close to catching a leprechaun!
Jack has already declared that this is the best St. Patrick's Day EVER!

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