Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Now

Lost his first tooth in the car

A bit nervous before it came out

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*Edited 3/20/12 to add this story so I don't ever forget: Last night as the kids were getting ready for bed, Kate helped Jack put his tooth under the pillow for the tooth fairy (in a little silver heart box that my Aunt Gwen gave to Kate as a newborn - Kate is letting Jack borrow it for his tooth). I heard Kate tell Jack that he needed to stay in his own bed all night or the tooth fairy might not come. I asked why the tooth fairy wouldn't come, and Kate reminded me of the time she climbed into my bed and the tooth fairy couldn't find her tooth (oops! I think the tooth fairy actually forgot and used that as an excuse!). Jack was a bit panicky about the idea of no tooth fairy, and when he climbed into bed with me in the wee hours, he had tooth box in hand which he slid under MY pillow before falling back to sleep. Fortunately the tooth fairy had already found his tooth and replaced it with $2.

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