Thursday, March 15, 2012

Homeschooling Happiness

We are certainly still trying to find our groove with homeschooling. Some aspects are going really well, others still need some tweaking. Partially it is difficult to get into a routine because we are planning to be out of our routine for an extended period of time soon (more on that later).

But yesterday morning, we had a moment that epitomized what I think education can/should be for my children.  Matt was sleeping in after a late night, so I took the kids out to breakfast at a local bagel place. While munching on our bagels, I read the kids this headliner in our local newspaper about the debate to install surveillance cameras in our downtown. As I read, I explained what a city council is, defined the word proposal, discussed what it meant to be "on the fence" about an issue, and (lucky me!) talked about what it meant to be "stoned." After discussing more in depth the pros and cons, I asked Kate and Jack for their opinions on the proposal - Jack is for the cameras because he likes to feel safe, Kate is against the cameras because she doesn't like people watching her. I also made the issue more personal by suggesting the idea of cameras in the kids rooms so that I could check on them at any time to make sure they are safe. Interestingly, they each mostly stuck with their original opinions. Jack didn't mind the idea, but Kate was appalled (and I mean appalled!) at the idea. We also discussed how there is no right or wrong answer to issues like this and that everyone is entitled to their opinion.

Now I know that I don't have to be homeschooling my children to have moments like this, but I find that when they are in school, we are so busy and so tired that we rarely have these unrushed, unplanned times. I originally thought that it was the actual discussion that was valuable, but maybe it is really these quieter moments that allow for discussion that are truly valuable.

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