Sunday, February 26, 2012

Running Log

All in all it was a pretty quiet week for me, and I was surprised to see my mileage as high as it is. I took 5 days off running to rest after the half marathon and to let my ankle continue to recover (it hasn't hurt at all, but I'm a bit paranoid). I did manage to get back in the pool and on the bike (if only for a short distance to warm up before strength training). I'm back to singles tennis this week. Keeping my fingers crossed that the ankle tolerates it. I'm also officially in training for my marathon. Still wavering on which training program to use. Starting with the toughest one and will back off if it proves to be too much. Have lots of exciting things coming up this spring, and I'm a bit nervous about increasing my mileage while having all kinds of fun.

Running Miles: 15
Tennis Hours: 1.5
Swimming Miles: 1
Biking Miles: 3
Hiking Miles: 2 (felt like more with kids!)

This Week's Total Mileage: 19
YTD Mileage: 170.5

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