Sunday, February 12, 2012

Running Log

I really did not want to post this week's log... ugh...

Running Miles: ZERO
Hiking Miles: 0
Swimming Miles: aqua jogging for 30 min (well, maybe only 20 min with all the fuss I made with the belt!)
Biking Miles: 0
Tennis Hours: 6

Skiing Days: 0

This Week's Total Mileage: 2 (I'm giving myself some credit for the aqua jogging!)

YTD Mileage: 130.5

This week was all about the ankle. I had a lovely 10 mile run last Sunday and felt GREAT. I wasn't planning on much running the beginning of the week due to tennis. Played a singles match on Monday. Felt good. Went to a tennis clinic plus played a (hard!) doubles match on Tuesday. Felt good. Tuesday night I was rubbing my feet when I noticed that I had a little pain around my anterior malleolus (that little bump that sticks out on the side of your ankle). Thought very little of it. Got up Wednesday and noticed it hurt when I put on my shoes for tennis. I thought maybe my shoes were rubbing it funny (although I've been wearing these shoes for months). It bothered me the entire (long!) match, but like a fool, I kept playing. Fortunately I opted out of my planned run that afternoon. By Wednesday night, I could hardly walk. PAINFUL. Both physically and psychologically.

Matt diagnosed me with peroneal tendonitis (and I got a second opinion from Dr. Google!). I cancelled all my tennis and running to just rest. So that is what I've been doing since Wednesday plus icing and taking ibuprofen. I did try some aqua jogging on Thursday while the kids were swimming. Even though it is supposed to be a good running workout, it didn't feel like it. Plus it was boring - worse than the treadmill! I also got a massage yesterday, and the therapist really worked on my feet and calves. The pain is pretty much gone, but now I'm nervous to start running again too soon. I might try one slow mile today just to see.

One week to my half marathon... sigh...

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