Friday, February 10, 2012


Isn't that what it is called when you start concerning yourself with the "feelings" of old stuffed animals?

I'm on this big clean-out kick yesterday and today. I can't run nor play tennis (the ankle injury... Boo!). Plus I lost my rotary cutter somewhere in the depths of my sewing room so I can't really sew much either. This suddenly leaves me with a bit of time for actually doing some work around the house. I've cleaned out under all the sinks, my bedside table, the book basket, the magazine bucket, my office floor (but not the desk top!) and hit all the random dpots around the house where junk accumulates. I'm being ruthless about getting rid of junk. Or I was being ruthless until I came across this little guy...

I got him in Fernie, Canada when I was much too old to be buying stuffed animals and didn't yet have babies. But I adored his little belly "button!" He looks so pathetic with his one extremity. And he looks at me so sad with those beady eyes. I just can't bring myself to get rid of him even though I probably will never think of him again if I did.

And then I came across this guy...

Kate used to call him her guinea pig even though I think he is a dog. Maybe a bull dog? Shar pei? He gave me the puppy eyes (or "eye" in this case"), and I was mush. All I can think about is the velveteen rabbit.

I thought if I took photos for posterity, I might get them to the trash (you know, so they can become "real" in the dump... But wait... Would that dog thing become a dog or a guinea pig?!?). I don't have it in me. So these guys are sticking around for a bit longer.

Maybe I'll have better luck in my closet where the jeans don't have feelings. They are cruel, heartless beings that insult me by refusing to button.

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Oh my goodness those are so sweet. I have to admit the I still have my (very large) teddy bear from when I was younger. It is sitting on the top shelf of my daughters' closet and makes me smile every time I see him there.