Friday, February 24, 2012

Hourly Photos

I've been wanting to do this on my blog for years. Literally years. But that means I have to remember to start taking photos as soon as I wake up, and I usually don't think about it until mid-morning. Yesterday I took a photo on the hour, every hour, to document my day. Funny how the snapshops miss much of my day... so much happened in between. It was a fun experiment, and I think I'll try it again soon.

8am - Usually I get up much earlier than this, but I took advantage of school being delayed because of snow. This is the view from Kate's bed. Both kids crawled into my bed in the wee hours of the morning, so I crawled into Kate's bed for a little space!

9am - reading/writing email and drinking a chai tea

10am - leaving for school in the snow. Even with the delay, we were late!

11am - all my morning plans got cancelled because of the snow, so I decided to sew

12pm - still sewing! Blocks are off the design board and being pieced

1pm - lunch break - hashbrowns, scrambled eggs and green chiles

2pm - Getting a feel for what my big quilt will look like. I should really be folding the laundry at the end of my bed instead of playing with my fabric.

3pm - after school snack - hot chocolate with valentine Peeps.

4pm - chatting with my friend Michelle on the phone

5pm - cleaning up sweet potato peelings after our early dinner

6pm - changing in the locker room after swimming. This photo was taken a little late since at 6pm sharp I was finishing up my mile swim and starting a rousing game of Marco Polo

7pm - Shower! Finally!

8pm - loading dishwasher after kids are in bed

9pm - folding laundry (that I should have been doing earlier) while watching Downton Abby on my iPad

10pm - watching the kitten play with Oscar and Nina

 11pm Lights out after a little reading

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