Monday, February 06, 2012

Daybook 2.6.12

Outside my window... cool and overcast. Clouds covered the mountains earlier, but it looks like they are breaking up now.

I am thinking... about all the tasks on my to-do list that I am currently ignoring

I am thankful for...
 hot tubs!

From the kitchen... not sure yet. Something with potatoes!

I am wearing...
 blue jeans, my tennis top and new slippers (I had to give up my favorite slippers and switch to a pair with a harder, more supportive sole)

I am creating... trying to get a few valentine decorations done. I also want to pull out my yarn for some new crochet projects. We are going to be doing some traveling in the upcoming months, and I need projects that are more portable than quilts.

I am going... to take the kids to open bank accounts after school today.

I am reading... got a few going on right now... almost done with The Memory of Running. I didn't really like it all that much at first, but the story is growing on me. I also got the newly released Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking. Really enjoying this one. Probably because it is just reinforcing what I already believe about introverts (I am a proud, card-carrying introvert!). Also slogging through Raising Happiness. Eh.

I am hoping... that a foot masseuse will magically appear at my front door this afternoon...

I am hearing... the vacuum cleaner and classical music on the radio. My housekeeper is responsible for both. And, yes, I feel a bit guilty that I am blogging while she is cleaning my house, but this is the only quiet time I'll get today.

Around the house... Matt was off work last week and we really made some progress on Jack's room. Hemmed the curtains, hung some shelves and artwork, ordered some accessories. I'll take some photos and share details soon.

One of my favorite things... no school snow days

A few plans for the rest of the week: tennis almost everyday, sewing with Miss D, art night with some neighborhood pals (gotta remember to make an appetizer for this!), 

Here is a picture I am sharing: we did a bit of sewing during our snow day on Friday. Kate made a dog bed for Nina out of some fleece she picked out a few weeks ago (remind me to tell that story!). Nina LOVES her new bed!

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PopMom said... accounts are a good idea. The piggy bank thing is a little too accessible :)

Made a bruschetta last weekend with prosciutto, mozz, tomato, red onion, basil that came out delicious if you'd like the very easy/quick recipe.

Have a great day!
I can't believe you are an introvert. I wouldn't have thought so :)