Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Having a sewing day with Miss D today, so I'm hoping to get a lot done on either the Camper's Quilt or the new, untitled BIG quilt. My goal for this week is to have the Camper's Quilt top finished. I'd also like to get the Minky Baby Quilt basted because I want to practice quilting the minky.
Camper's Quilt in progress
BB=Back Burner
     = Active this week

Completed Projects To Be Blogged
(I just need to take a day and blog ALL of these...)
  • Crazy Clown Colors Quilt
  • Modern Houses Quilt
  • Teacher going away quilt
  • Hippo Baby Blanket
Quilts Needing Binding
(And I need a movie/TV night to bind!)
  • Halloween Quilt
  • Minky Baby Quilt
    Ready to Baste
  • Halloween Table Runner
Quilts Needing Basting/Quilting
  • Pinwheel Quilt (BB)
  • Minky Baby Quilt
  • Wonky Pinky Quilt (BB)
  • M's Quilt (BB)
  • Sorta Stacked Coins Quilt (BB)
  • Miss D's Quilt (BB)
  • Habitat Challenge Quilt #1
  • Figuring out the
     design for new quilt
  • Habitat Challenge Quilt #2
Quilts Being Cut and/or Pieced
  • Ticker Tape Quilt (BB)
  • Green Squares Quilts x2
  • Sew-In Quilt (BB)
  • Repro Quilt #1
  • Repro Quilt #2
  • Camper's Quilt
  • Unnamed BIG quilt (formally known as the Facade Quilt)
Non-Quilt Sewing Projects
  • Bath wraps for Kate and American Girl Doll
  • Fleecy PJs for Kate
  • Bike Bag for Jack
  • Kids' Xmas gifts for 2012 (cut, need to sew)

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