Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 3: One Bite At A Time Progress

Week 3 of working through Simple Mom's One Bite At A Time ebook.

Not much got done last week between kids home sick from school and then catch-up. I'm going to just repeat the same projects for this week and, hopefully, find some time to concentrate on them.
  • Create a family purpose statement - I need to formulate my ideas for a purpose statement so that I can "guide" the rest of the family when we do this.
  • Plan weekly planning meetings with your spouse - ready to check this one off - we've done it 3 times and will definitely keep it up.
  • Regularly turn off your TV (and computer!) - being sick this last week increased our screen time instead of decreasing it!
  • Go on dates with your kids - I think we'll schedule these twice a month and alternate kids
  • Create a chore system that works for the whole family - the kids sorta reinvigorated our "marbles" system for themselves this week. We need to update the list of chores. I'd also still like to take the kids to open their own bank accounts. Maybe we'll do that after school one day this week.

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PopMom said...

I've got to institute regular chores other than clearing dishes from the table. I'd love to see your list for the kids!