Sunday, January 08, 2012

Week 2: One Bite At A Time Progress

Week 2 of working through Simple Mom's One Bite At A Time ebook.

For this week I chose projects that fit in well with the annual family goals we set this week. Figure we might use the momentum of setting those goals to get started. Some of these are new for us, some need to be re-energized post holidays.
  • Create a family purpose statement - to be done at our first family meeting - tentatively scheduled for next Sunday.
  • Plan weekly planning meetings with your spouse - we actually started this last week. Although I admit tonight's meeting was pretty lame... my legs and I are SO TIRED from my long run, and I just wanted to get into bed!
  • Regularly turn off your TV (and computer!) - got lazy over the holidays...
  • Go on dates with your kids - something we've done but about which we would like to be more intentional
  • Create a chore system that works for the whole family - need to reinvigorate our "marbles" system for the kids. I'd also like to take the kids to open their own bank accounts.

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Jean C. said...

Love the dates with your kids... my folks took our kids out one at a time and the kids loved it! A date with papa and gramma... the best! So now that we are gramma and grampa... we are starting this too!
That and lots of story time.