Sunday, January 08, 2012

Running Log

One of my 40 for 40 is to run 1000+ miles in 2012 which means I have to get back to tracking my mileage. Most programs count biking and swimming towards the total, but I can't remember the ratio. Doesn't matter this week as I did neither. I didn't play any tennis either (not counted towards totals but I thought I'd track it also). Just focused on running and increasing my mileage in preparation for my half marathon in February. I'll add in some swimming and tennis this coming week. Probably won't get back to the bike for a bit. Oh - and my mileage looks a little high because I did last weekend's long run on Monday. Still seems like a great way to start out the year!

Running Miles: 30.75
Swimming Miles: 0
Biking Miles: 0
Tennis Hours: 0

That's also my YTD totals. Only 969.25 miles to go!

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