Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Bad
I am really tired this week. Really tired. And really tired of sick kids.

Kate started throwing up again in the middle of the night Sunday/Monday and didn't stop until Tuesday morning. I got almost no sleep both nights, which led to the probably not-so-wise decision to also keep Jack home from school yesterday. I was SO tired when the alarm went off yesterday morning that I wasn't even thinking straight. I had just a few hours of (very interrupted!) sleep (when Kate finally took a break from puking, Jack was up with growing pains!), so when Jack murmured that his tummy hurt, I called them both in sick. Jack did sleep until 10am, so he may have been still recovering or fighting off a little something. Jack is back at school today, but Kate is home at least until tomorrow.
Kate's Sick Sleeping Spot
The Ugly
With a whole day at home, I decided to work on a blanket that I've been wanting/needing to get done. It isn't a difficult project but a bit time consuming.

Perfect for a brain dead day.

I was almost finished and so happy with it. Until I cut a hole in the middle of the fabric while trimming... Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!
So minor, yet so huge!

The Bad/Ugly But Now Good
I vowed I would never sew again and was a bit suicidal/homicidal at that point. Fortunately, I was able to direct my anger to something productive - the basement! I was on a rampage, and somehow, despite my exhaustion (or maybe because of it?), I got the basement almost totally picked up and somewhat organized. How long have I been saying we need to get something done down there? A year? Longer? I still have a corner that needs to be sorted out and want to declutter more or our storage, but this is a good start. No photos. I should have taken a before shot. It was BAD.

The Good
I've sorta felt that nothing has gone my way the last week or so. Have had to cancel or reschedule almost all my plans. So I needed to find something good. Matt got off work early on Monday and was able to watch Kate while I went hiking with a friend and our 2 lil' guys. It was a lovely afternoon.
Boys taking in the view
I also got to talk to my friend Elizabeth in Switzerland. That is such a rare treat!

Oh - and after a good night of sleep, I think I can "fix" that darn blanket. It won't be "perfect" but it will be personalized. Going to go work on that now.

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