Friday, January 06, 2012

Family Goals

Are you getting sick of reading my goals yet? Cause I'm getting pretty tired of blogging about them... but I do love me a good list of goals!

Matt and I sat down (in several sessions) last week and talk about some goal setting for our family for 2012 (and beyond!). We used these goal-setting questions from Simple Mom to guide us, but we tailored it a bit for our needs. While we didn't actually make a list of "goals" during our discussion, I've made a list that pretty much summarizes what we discussed and our action plan. It is good to know that we are basically on the same page right now. And I think Matt actually enjoyed the process. Really.
  • List our possible "big" purchases for 2012 and how we plan to pay for them - DONE
  • Plan our charitable giving - listed organizations we like and how much we plan to donate - plan to look at this again in 6 months - DONE
  • Meet with financial advisor for some updates
  • Update our wills
  • Adjust our savings plan to meet our current situation
  • Get back to regular date nights (even if it means just at home)
  • Have regular family meetings (hurray! I finally convinced Matt that this is a good idea!!)
  • Schedule weekly spouse meetings (ditto above!)
  • Read the book Giving the Love that Heals book together
  • List some plans for improving our home
  • Clean and reorganize the basement for more active space
  • Try a new church
  • Attempt family meditation
  • Discussed how we want to spend deliberate family time this year (family tennis, family reading time, dates with kids, skiing, hiking)
  • Discussed what we would like for our kids for schooling/activities/etc (this could be a big change!)
  • Get back to our marble chore system
  • Matt is also going to join me in rising early with the Good Morning Challenge that starts in a couple weeks (I was a bit concerned about this at first because I really want the mornings to be MY time, but he has agreed to do his own thing during that time - like spin class or work-related reading).


harry said...

Great advice on goal setting.

You may also want to check out and download a free ebook on goal setting called “Goals! How to Get Everything You Want – Faster Than You Ever Thought Possible” at

Anonymous said...

Great ideas, even if it is a year old! I like the SMART goal system - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound. Have you picked a church yet? The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (not to be confused with the Fundamentalists) is very family-oriented. In fact, I'm going to an activity tomorrow night with a member so I can learn more about personal and family goals, decluttering, etc. So excited!!!