Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Afternoon To Do List

First day of our school break. Matt is working this afternoon, and I'm letting the kids do whatever they want while he is gone. They are pretty good at entertaining themselves, so I should have some time to do what I want/need to do. Here is my list for this afternoon, in no particular order.

  1. Shower (priority since running this morning)
  2. Work on a quilt (while listening to the second Hunger Games on audiobook)
  3. Make some Christmas cookies (what kind depends on if I'll have helpers or not)
  4. Nap
  5. Figure out dinner
  6. Review family gift list and start wrapping
  7. Hang Kate's IKEA mosquito net thingy above her bed
  8. Finish our 2005 family photo album that I've been meaning to do for an entire year now
  9. Plan out my running schedule for the first half of 2012
  10. Work on my list of goals for 2012 (it is going to be a little different this year)
Now that I see my plans in writing, I realize that I better get moving!

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