Wednesday, December 28, 2011

One Bite At A Time

I'm excited about my 40 for 40 list, but I also want to do some sort of self-improvement thing for 2012. I've decided to work through Simple Mom's One Bite At A Time ebook. Originally I thought I would just do one project each week (there are 52 total), but now I'm planning to do multiple projects each week. Later on I might just tackle some of the tougher (for me) projects one at a time, but I'm hoping to knock out a bunch right away. Plus I know some other project will catch my fancy by mid-year...

The projects I chose for next week are the projects that fit into my normal beginning of the year plan and are projects that I've mostly already accomplished. This week and next, Matt and I (well, mostly me but with a little of his input!) will balance our budget and plan our spending/saving/giving for the upcoming year. I also usually use this week to work on my goals, but right now my goals consist of my 40 for 40 list and this ebook. Pretty easy for planning.

Next week's projects:
  • Make a debt-free plan - except for our mortgage, we are already living debt-free. Big Dave Ramsey fans in this house.
  • Create a regular monthly budget - fortunately we don't have to be overly strict with our budget, but we do a have a rough plan of our monthly expenses, our monthly savings goals and how much spending money is available.
  • Set up sinking funds - got this already done also.  We set aside funds for vacations, a new vehicle for Matt (although that one doesn't seem to grow very quickly), landscaping and major home projects
  • Use the envelope system - I'm calling this done because we will never be completely on board with the envelope system. But we do what works for us. We use Mvelopes and have virtual "envelopes" for all our expense categories. However, we use it more for tracking our expenses rather than budgeting.
  • Make annual goals - I've already announced my annual goals, but Matt and I are going to discuss family goals this week. (Prior to now there was NO WAY Matt would have ever done this with me, but lately he is much more willing to accommodate me. I'm absolutely taking advantage of that.) I'll share our plans.

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