Monday, December 12, 2011

Daybook 12.12.11

Outside my window... chilly, overcast. Hoping the sun comes out later for my run.

I am thinking... that I haven't blogged in almost a month. What can I say? Life happens. I got really sick after we got back from Hawaii (I'm certain it is because I left Hawaii. I should have stayed there forever.). It was awful, and I was almost completely down for 12 days. Then I was crazy tired for another couple weeks - I started to wonder if I had mono. Anyway, better now. Just still feel a bit behind and overwhelmed by everything.

I am thankful for... tea parties.

From the kitchen... started brewing my own chai concentrate. Still tweaking it. We've had a sick boy this weekend, so last night we had grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. So easy and so good. Need to do some menu planning for this week.

I am wearing... terry cloth yoga pants and a big fisherman's sweater. And my slippers. I was looking at pictures the other day and saw that I wore the slippers in the hospital after Jack was born! I didn't realize they were that old!

I am creating... oh so many things. I need to do a WIP list again because I've lost track of where I am. I can tell you that I have NOT been creating all the Christmas quilty house projects that I had planned.

I am going... to finish up some Christmas shopping today.

I am reading... almost done with The Glass Castle. Really good. Have a couple nonfictions that I need to finish up - I always get bored with them by the last few chapters.

I am hoping...
 that this week goes by fast and smoothly. Looking forward to having my babies home for the holiday break.

I am hearing... nothing. It seems to be crazy quiet right now.

Around the house... we just did a big switch-a-roo this weekend, and I like it. We moved Matt's office/guest room to Kate's room, Kate to Jack's room, and Jack to Matt's old office/guest room. Nothing is up on walls or organized, but it is going to be a much better setup for us. It seemed silly to have a big room sitting empty for guests most of the time, while Kate had barely any space to play in her little room. There will still be a twin bed in Matt's new office for single guests, and Kate can move to the office or Jack's top bunk if we have more people visiting.

One of my favorite things... Christmas cards

A few plans for the rest of the week: lots of holiday events this week - tea, lunch, school parties, sing-a-longs, etc.

Here is a picture I am sharing: My dad sent me this photo. It is the top of their Christmas tree. I made the topper when I was in early elementary school (maybe 1st grade?). A few years later my mom bought a BEAUTIFUL angel for the topper. I was so offended that they wanted to replace MY angel, that she has held the place of honor ever since.

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