Thursday, December 22, 2011


All of the sudden today I feel the inspiration to start blogging again (I mean really blogging, not fake blogging which is what I am doing when all I do is post photos). The inspiration came after reading an email from this blogger. A Minnesota blogger, and I love all things Minnesota (except mosquitoes - did you know that there are basically no mosquitoes in Colorado?). Anyway, despite mosquitoes, sometimes I wish I lived part-time in Minnesota. Not sure if it is Minnesota itself or the people I know and love that live there. But I dream about having a lake house escape. Maybe someday.

But back to blogging. As I've mentioned before, I sometimes feel like I have too many people I know IRL reading this blog to be completely honest in my writing. Some stuff I feel like I have to edit for my mom (hi, Mom!), husband, in-laws, friends, etc. So I was once again pondering the idea of starting a new blog, until I got this idea in my head that I should just be authentic on this blog (well, not that I'm not authentic right now, I'm just skipping some details. And those crazy thoughts I'm supposed to keep to myself!). I quickly realized that this is a bad idea if I want to stay on speaking terms with most people I know. So I'm going to attempt some middle ground. Telling more details while trying to be mindful of my audience.

Or maybe I'll just keep blogging photos.

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Stephanie said...

Well, I for one, would LOVE it if you blogged more! :) And, perhaps we could go in half-sies on that house in MN? :) I lived there until I was 12 and I still have a huge desire to go back and live there.