Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Resolutions - Final Review

Christmas is over (well, Christmas Day is over... as Aunt Elizabeth says, "Christmas is a 12 day holiday!"). Time to get ready for the New Year. This may be one of my favorite times of the year. A time to reflect, a time to plan, a time to relax.

Doing my final review for my 2011 Resolutions. Came up a little short, but that's okay. I recently discovered from the book The Pursuit of Perfect that I am a Optimalist rather than a Perfectionist. I set goals but also accept reality and realize that I can't always meet those goals as planned. I look at the reasons that may have contributed to unaccomplished goals, revise and reset my goals, and move on.

  • Run a 5K in goal time (unaccomplished the last 2 years...) - DONE!
  • Visit one state I haven't been to (I'd like to hit 2, but I'm not sure that is realistic. States left on the list are Michigan, Oregon, South Carolina, Rhode Island, and Delaware) - FAIL. Plans just didn't work out.
  • Visit 2 new national parks (I'm being conservative... I think we might visit 4 new ones this year!) - FAIL. We got to one, but not a second. And I thought we might make it to 4?!?
  • Build one carpentry project (a new skill I'd like to add to my repertoire) - big, fat FAIL. Too many other hobbies right now. Carpentry might go on the back burner until the kids leave for college.
  • Make quilts for Kate and Jack - FAIL. Although I did get the quilt tops done. I guess there is a chance I could get them both basted, quilted and bound by next week. But not likely.
  • Play an official tennis match - DONE!
  • Complete a second triathlon race - DONE!
  • Run half marathon race - DONE! Thank goodness I did that half in July since I bailed on my Dec half. More about that when I do a running update.

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