Friday, November 11, 2011

Hawaii Trip: Waimea Canyon

After snorkeling the morning of Day 4, our family went off to explore a bit with our end destination being Waimea Canyon. We stopped to see the Spouting Horn and ate lunch at the Kalaheao Cafe & Coffee Co. (yum!). Then we stopped at Jo-Jo's for our first (of many!) shave ice.

Unfortunately, by the time we actually started the drive up to Waimea Canyon, the clouds had rolled in and it was pretty drizzly. But we pressed on! Here is the main canyon overlook...

 We did get a glimpse of it at this stop... and it was pretty spectacular... what we could see, anyway.
We also got observe the Hawaiian wild goat!
And I have more photos of this sill hen and her chicks than I would like to admit! There were lots of feral chickens on Kauaii and even more along this drive. Apparently chickens thrive at a slightly higher elevation. Really.
 Fortunately we had an amazing view from the top of the Kalalau Valley which is the largest valley on the Na Pali coast. Really breathtaking.
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And if you were wondering where Jack is in all the photos, this is where. After shave ice, he knocked out and slept in the car for a couple hours while we explored.

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