Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hawaii Trip: Snorkeling

We spent most of Day 3 at Poipu Beach and the morning of Day 4 for swimming and snorkeling. Kate took to snorkeling immediately. Jack was sputtering a bit until we gave him the underwater camera. Then he was too distracted taking pictures to worry about breathing through a tube!

We saw lots and lots of fish (I'll spare you all the thousands of fish photos!) and even a sea turtle! My friend Kerri spotted the first one from the beach and later she and I were in the water with some. I could have snorkeled all week...
Graceful in flippers
Getting ready 
Kate & Matt
Jack underwater 
Kate underwater
Me with the kids
Looking good!
Almost all of Jack's photos
have his fingers pointing at fish!
Mom & Kate
Cute Kate

Jack especially love the waves
and building in the sand
See the sea turtle in the water? 
Underwater view
Snorkeling with the sea turtles 
Monk Seal lounging on the beach


Penny said...

Hawaii is a nice stop over on the way to New Zealand..... :-) hee hee!

Julie said...

I think I would love snorkelling but I really don´t know. It is kind of scary for me because you may see something under the water that you are not used to and may come out of nowhere so the shock can be huge. Last year I travelled to Argentina and decided to rent apartments in buenos aires in the seaside. I was offered to do snorkelling but I declined. I will go next year and do it!