Monday, November 14, 2011

Hawaii Trip Out Takes

The photos that didn't make the "official" blog posts...
The kiss that started to get a little inappropriate!
Kate at the luau. Can you say "tired?"
Jack getting in on a photo
Jack underwater
Good one of me!
Kate's hand
Lovely face
Jack, do you not like shave ice?
Functioning with only half a brain
Not happy about hiking
Kate scratching...
Kate picking...
Jack giving the hike a thumbs down!
My beautiful babies!
When will Jack learn to smile normally? 
And keep his shirt down? 
Maybe when Mom learns to open her eyes!


PopMom said...

Looks like an amazing trip!! It brought me back to my Hawaii honeymoon on Kauai :)

The kids look gorgeous and happy. Rory can't take a normal picture much for a family xmas pic. Hilarious about the almost inappropriate kiss...Rory does the same thing.

GreenShoppingMommy said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation! If you find the trick to getting children to smile normally in pictures please let me know as I am about to go for round number three of Christmas pics lol :)