Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hawaii Trip: Catamaran

On Day 7 our family went on a catamaran boat tour. It was a smaller boat and we had an AMAZING time. We saw bottle nose dolphins close up. The captain had the kids and me lay on the trampoline at the front of the boat. The dolphins were swimming between the hulls right below us. The photos make them seem so far away, but they were so close we could have reached down and touched them.
We also got to see a pod of porpoises in a coved that had a bunch of babies. The little ones were jumping out of the water. So cute! But too fast for any photos. We saw a bunch of waterfalls, sea caves, and beaches. We stopped for snorkeling, but the deep water scared the kids. Plus it wasn't very clear that day. And then a shark (tiger? reef? can't remember, but it wasn't supposed to hurt people) swam below us. That freaked me out, so we got out to eat lunch.
Getting splashed by a waterfall
(That's Kate's *friend* she met on the boat.
Not liking this boy stuff.)

Some famous beach scene from lots of movies
quick snorkel excursion
 The kids had a great time and were in a great mood for the ride back. Goofy and silly and fun. Plus no one got sea sick!

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