Monday, October 10, 2011

Daybook 10.10.11

Outside my window... sunny and cold. It was a bit frosty an hour ago, but that's gone now.

I am thinking... that I'd really like to climb back under the covers. But the day is calling!

I am thankful for... the hip opening yoga poses that my friend Stephanie showed me last week. I've been doing them faithfully and can really feel a difference in my hips and lower back.

From the kitchen...
 black beans soaking for black bean and sweet potato enchiladas. And maybe a new soup recipe with some garden kale.

I am wearing... my 501s and a big sweater and my slippers. About to change into tennis clothes.

I am creating... I haven't spent much time with the sewing machine lately. Need to get in there today.

I am going... on a BIG trip soon. Very excited.

I am reading... finally finished the Heretic's Daughter (it was just okay) and started Little Bee. Also working on the same 2 nonfiction books as last week. Those are slow going.

I am hoping...
 that Boots (the hedgehog) is going to be okay. Last night I thought the end was near. He wasn't walking normal and was making a funny noise. But he ate last night and was on his wheel at 3:30am when Matt left for work. Keeping my fingers crossed!

I am hearing... the washing machine washing a HUGE load of towels.

Around the house... feeling like I can barely just keep up right now. Can't actually get anything new accomplished.

One of my favorite things... Noosa yogurt. My friend Karin introduced me to it back in August, and we haven't stopped eating it since. Honey is my favorite flavor.

A few plans for the rest of the week: tennis lesson, quilt guild meeting, new dishwasher delivery, 2 doubles matches, dinner with Miss D, lunch with a friend, no school on Friday, plus the normal stuff - gym, running, swim team/lessons, etc. 

Here is a picture I am sharing: none... not sure I've taken a photo all week...

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Kate said...

I love black bean and sweet potato enchiladas! They are a favorite around our house. I'm going to miss the guild meeting on Saturday...sad! I'll send my goodies with Jodi, though. And I still want to get together for 'coffee'!