Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Plus Quilt

I pieced this quilt last spring from 5 charm packs. I wasn't wild about the prints and colors but wanted to use up the fabric. I was really quite pleased with when I finished the top, but then I had difficulty with the quilting.  I really wanted to do straight line quilting but was never happy with the results. The stitches were too uneven for me.  I put it aside for awhile. Finally, after I pulled out all the quilting, took my machine in for a tune up, and adjusted my stitch expectations, I was really happy with the results.

I didn't measure the quilt but each charm is 5 inches square (4.5 in finished) so I guess it is roughly 54 x 62 inches with the border.

I ended up liking this quilt so much that I'm keeping it for us to sit under by the fire up in the mountains (I took the photos up there on the ski run* this weekend). I also then made another Baby Plus Quilt. I have a few other charm packs that might get the same plus quilt treatment
I feel cozy just looking at it!
Pieced Back - Shows the straight line quilting
With wildflowers on the ski run
*Hard to believe that ski season is only 6 weeks away!!  Woohoo!!


audreypawdrey said...

You are rocking on these plus quilts! I love this one, too, and it will be perfect for curling up after skiing!

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