Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Organized Christmas Progress

My last update was a few weeks ago. I'm still working steadily although having visitors and traveling put me a bit behind.  I'm hoping to be mostly caught up by the end of this week.  Here are the weekly to do's that I gave myself. I've highlighted what still needs to be done for the last 2 weeks.  I actually seem to be doing better on the holiday prep than my Houseworks tasks...

Peek at my newly organized sewing space
Calendar & Creativity Week (week before last)
  • Clean & Organize Sewing Room - DONE!
  • Clean & Organize Craft Cabinet
  • Clean & Organize Art Shelf
  • Inventory Unfinished Projects - DONE!
  • Make Kids' Craft Binder
Holiday Prep:
  • Plan Holiday Travel - October Vacation, Thanksgiving, Half Marathon & Christmas/New Years - DONE!
  • Review Handmade Gift List - DONE!
  • Create Seasonal Calendar - Nutcracker, Puppet Show, Gingerbread Houses, International Craft Fair - Sorta DONE (it is a bit early for some tickets but I have to buy dates on my calendar)
  • Start Piecing a certain handmade Christmas Gift
  • Finish specified quilts - DONE!
Me and Mine Week (last week)
  • Declutter Master Bedroom - DONE! (mostly...)
  • Complete Decorating Projects in Master Bedroom
  • Tackle Clothes Closet - DONE!
Holiday Prep:
  • Inventory Gift Wrap - DONE!
  • Make Christmas Card List - DONE!
  • Update Needed Addresses
  • Buy Address Labels - DONE!
  • Print Address Labels
  • Order Christmas Cards - DONE!
  • Buy Stamps (at post office tomorrow)
  • Plan Personal Pampering Sessions
Close to Home Week (this week)
  • Declutter Jack's room
  • Declutter Kate's room
Holiday Prep:
  • Seasonal Spruce Up Exercise - DONE!
  • Decide on Halloween Costumes - DONE! (although there is some work to be done!)
  • Make Halloween Banner (started)
  • Plan Advent
  • Start Advent Calendar Quilt
  • Send Baby Gift (packaged and ready to go out tomorrow!)
  • Review Needs for Oct/Nov/Dec Birthdays - DONE!

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