Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Organized Christmas - Planning and Paperwork Week

So I did a really good job on my first week of the Houseworks Holiday Plan. Last week's assignments focused on Planning & Paperwork. Here's how I did on the tasks I gave to myself (I adapted the checklists for myself - ignoring what I already have and adding what I need).

Houseworks checklist:
  • Declutter & Clean Home Office - I worked a little every day to really get my office cleaned up. It always seems to be a disaster because it is our home's dumping ground. I got the the floor and desk clear, but didn't get to my bookshelf or the closet. They aren't in horrible shape, so they will do for now. I also got some projects done in there that I've been meaning to do for awhile - hung privacy curtains and artwork.
  • & Paper Handling Areas - I'm pretty good about paper handling, but I did implement an idea that I got from the book Simplify Your Life (and this podcast - I wouldn't bother buying the book. The Podcast has everything you need. Interestingly, I found Organized Christmas when reading book reviews on Amazon for on of this author's other books) to get rid of the papers that seem to pile on my desk. I now have a file folder for calendar paper work (invites, directions, etc), for coupons, for Kate & Jack, and for "to decide" papers. I was always afraid that if I couldn't see these items that I'd forget about them, but honestly, I couldn't see them and was forgetting anyway because they were buried on my desk.
  • Clean out email inbox - NOT done. I couldn't even keep up with this week's incoming email. Gotta figure out how to do this.
Holiday Prep Checklist:
  • Family Values Check-Up - really like these type of reviews
  • Make a Christmas Notebook - I already had this done from my girls' retreat - gotta blog about our retreat...
  • Make a Christmas Planning Center - got this done in the basement on an old desk in the corner
  • Begin Master Gift List - done - I even have about half my gifts!
  • Wrap and Package Fall Birthday gifts - done!
  • Handmade gift tasks - done - can't go into details on the blog.
This week's assignments focus on Calendar & Creativity. Perfect timing since I just got the shelves in my sewing room hung. I'm not getting much done since my parents have been visiting and I am going to to a bit of traveling myself. I'll do what I can and carry over what I can't.


Jen said...

I'm so not ready to think about Christmas. I thought once I had my son that I would become an uber-organized supermom. Turns out, I'm still just me, and I am feeling a little inadequate because I am not all prepped for the holidays.

cynthia said...

Great job, GreenStyleMom! I love your peaceful, organized home office--and good going on all those gifts!

Cynthia Ewer, Editor
Organized Christmas