Friday, September 16, 2011

Bracken Cave

We made a trip to Texas WAY back in June to celebrate my parents' 40th wedding anniversary.  Our first night together with all my family, we visited Bracken Cave which is the largest bat colony in the world and home to some 20 million bats - mostly mama bats and their babies. There emergence each evening is amazing and lasts for hours and hours.  I had seen it years before with my sister, but I was just as excited to see it a second time and share it with Matt and the kids.

Like most experiences, the photos don't do it justice. But it gives you a glimpse of what it is like as the bats spiral up and out of the cave and fill the sky. We even saw a hawk swoop down a few times to grab a bat out of the air.

Kate & Mira watching and waiting
Jack & Sonny in the rocks
My sister-in-law Jenifer protecting herself in her rain garb!
My sister showing a bat to the kids
(She's had her rabies shots so she's okay to hold bats)
Did I mention the smell of all that bat guano? Phew!
Bat Watching
Mouth of the Cave 
Filling the Sky
Trail of Bats 
Bats at Dusk

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PopMom said...

After having bats in my house a few times, I'm completely skeeved out looking at this!!! It must have been amazing to watch them fly en masse like that though :)