Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Organized Christmas

Yup, I'm bringing up Christmas in August. Just under 4 months to the big day, and the stores are already displaying the goods. Remember last year I did a 6 week program Christmas Countdown to get ready for the holidays? It worked really well for me, and I felt like I had a more relaxed, meaningful season. I had little stress and got to the parts of the holidays that I enjoy.

Well, this year I've decided to do the longer version Houseworks Holiday Plan. Each week has a focus (this week is "paper and planning") and a holiday prep assignment. The plan started this week so isn't too late to join.

My major projects for the week are to clean my office, inventory the gift closet, and set up a holiday planning center in the basement. Going to try to blog about my progress to help keep myself accountable.


Kate said...

I actually have started making my Christmas gifts...I'm off to check out the Organized Christmas site!

Beth Moore said...

Ooh, this might be just what I need! Thanks for posting!

Jean said...

I've already gotten a couple presents taken care of.... Some of the things that our kids (married kids) borrow during the year is what they end up with at Christmas... nice for me and them! Then I don't have to try to track them down when I/we want to use the items! LoL... so everyone is happy... we know it's something they will use! And when my MIL cleaned out some trunks that had some of her mom's quilt tops in them.... my girls latched onto them. One of my daughters got some beautiful quilt blocks and has been storing them at my house... there are only a few... but they are pretty fancy so I'm making them into a small table cloth for her! Win, win again.... I get them outta my house (my sewing room) and she gets a great memory of her great grandmother!

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