Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fishing at Chalk Lake

This was a busy day... hot springs, St. Elmo, hiking and then fishing. In the rain!

We had promised the kids we would go fishing on this getaway, and we weren't going to let a little rain stop us. Right across from the trailhead was a little lake stocked with trout. Perfect for family fishing.

I had planned to just watch and work on a quilt, but then my sewing scissors were taken by the fishermen and I'm too much of a sportswoman at heart. Guess who caught the first fish?

Mountain Lake
First fish by Mom
Bait and sewing scissors
More fish
(I think we caught 4 in all)
After fishing, we headed to Salida for dinner. We contemplated spending the night there but decided that we really wanted to be home in our own beds. Sometimes I can hardly believe that we are just a short drive away from an amazing vacation.


Dario said...

There is nothing better than fishing with your family. The pics are great, the kids are adorable.

Flathead Lake said...

Is it true that there is no public access to Chalk Lake. The beach lot is administered and maintained by the Rapsey Subdivision Lot Owners Association for the sole benefit of the property owners in the Rapsey subdivision and their guests.

SilverKingLodge alaskanfishing said...

I love fishing when I'm with my family. I enjoyed catching fish with my family at place like this.