Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WIP Wednesday

It is Wednesday, right? And the last time I did a WIP list was June 1st. Yikes! I'd like to say that I've gotten so much completed in the last 6 or so weeks, but nope. Haven't gotten too much done. Sorta looking forward to school starting so I can get more time in the sewing room. I did rearrange my sewing room a few days ago to accommodate kids being in there with me. Will blog about it when I finish it up (which won't be for a few more weeks... going to need some IKEA items... and the store doesn't open for 10 more days!).

Old Projects
  • 11 on the back burner (I think there may actually be more than this...)
  • Unnamed baby quilt completed - still need to blog about it
  • Grey Baby Quilt - need to finish binding
  • Plus/Crosses Quilt - the straight line quilting on this gave me some troubles. I pulled all the quilting out, took my machine in for servicing, gave up some of my perfectionism, and then the straight line quilting was no problem. Just need to do the binding.
  • FRMQG Challenge Quilt - Go this one done at the last minute. Pulled it out of the dryer just as I was leaving for our meeting. It is already being put to use, and I need to blog about it soon.
  • Lil' Twister - need to piece it, but need to have my design wall available first
New Projects
  • Improv Quilt - started this a few weeks ago. I'm really liking it. Just have to figure out the last couple blocks before I can piece everything together
  • Plus/Crosses Baby Quilt - using some charm packs that I have to make a tiny plus quilt.Pieces are cut, but haven't started sewing.

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