Saturday, July 09, 2011


I always think it is fun until I actually get ON the horse.

Then I no longer like it. Hawaii here was a good horse once we figured it out. He'd rather snack than go on a trail ride. Me too.

He's a movie horse and stars with Harrison Ford in the movie Cowboys & Aliens that supposedly comes out next week. Wasn't planning on seeing it but now I probably will.

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Lisa Sharp said...

I love horses! I owned one for several years. Horseback riding is very relaxing to me. That's cool about the movie star horse!

Stephanie said...

Very cool about the movie star horse!

I don't mention it on Facebook, but I do have my own blog that I wanted to share with you. Not terribly exciting, since it's mostly about diabetes-related stuff (I started it right after Adam was diagnosed and was able to connect with a lot of moms)

Great to meet you this week!

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