Monday, July 18, 2011

Daybook 7.18.11

Outside my window... clear as it can get. Not a wisp in the sky. My garden is packed with green. I need to harvest a bit today.

I am thinking... that running a half marathon yesterday without any training wasn't such a great idea (and when I say no training, I mean it. My last real long run was a 10 miler in Arizona last December, and I've only done a handful 6-8 mile runs since). My time may have been a PW (personal worst!) but I got it done despite not being ready and the hot weather. I was REALLY tired all day yesterday, but today I feel good despite a little fatigue in the legs. Wondering how I will move in my tennis lesson today.

I am thankful for... good nights of sleep.

From the kitchen... still not doing so well in the kitchen lately. Still want to make some granola. I did make rice krispie treats yesterday. I was craving them after running.

I am wearing... a white tank top that I slept in and my favorite pair of lightweight sport pants.

I am creating... I'm back in my sewing room the last week or so. I have several new quilts to show off soon. I'm working on an improv quilt that I'm just loving making. Hopefully I'll have that done by next week.

I am going... to have a normal week. Love that.

I am reading... too much at the same time. I'm alternating between Living Simply with Children (I've been meaning to read this for awhile. It is good but not what I was expecting), The Art of Racing in the Rain (on loan from my friend Miss D - she LOVES this book), The Hedgehog's Dilemma (okay, I'm only a page or two into this one so I'm not sure it should even qualify as being on my reading list). I haven't been listening to any audiobooks. Too difficult to do with kids around all day. I'll start back when school starts (in only a month!!)

I am hoping... to clean out a room or a closet or even a drawer this week.

I am hearing... Jack on on the ipad

Around the house...
this week I want to re
hang my quilt design board (the duct tape that I was using finally gave up!), rearrange some furniture in the guest room/Matt's office and my sewing room, and give my office a spruce up.

One of my favorite things... daydreaming. Especially when it is Matt and I daydreaming together about all kinds of possibilities.

A few plans for the rest of the week: tennis lesson, doubles match x2, swim team for Kate, swim lessons for Jack, vacation planning session with a friend, and a date night with Matt.

Here is picture I am sharing: Kate is currently missing all 4 front teeth! Makes corn on the cob difficult!

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