Friday, July 01, 2011

Blog Summer Camp

Since the 52 lists/52 weeks thing didn't work out so much for me (I thought there would be more direction for our lists), I decided to switch over to the Blog Summer Camp instead. I need a little something to jump start my blogging, and now I'll be blogging everyday in July (maybe more than once if I feel so inspired). So here we go!

Day #1 Provide a photo or sketch or a dramatic rendering of the space where you normally blog.

If I had joined a bit earlier, I would have given you a video tour. Instead you just get a quick snapshot of my work space.
I'd like to say that it isn't normally this messy, but it is. My office is right off the kitchen/family room area and often becomes a dumping ground for anything and everything. Despite it being smaller than most walk-in closets, I frequently share the space with both kids, the cat, the dog (and the fish who resides in my office!) when I'm writing.

Some highlights:
  • My meditation cushion is on the floor between my desk and bookshelf. Gotta work with what you have.
  • I love that I can look out into our backyard and out into the family room/kitchen.
  • The photograph on the wall is of Ancient Art in Utah. I climbed that. Still very proud of myself.
  • The cuckoo clock is from my trip to Switzerland back in college
  • My laptop is sitting there because sometimes I actually use both my laptop and my desktop at the same time. Not sure why.
  • Despite my desk looking cluttered, I'm actually a very organized person. I know where (almost!) everything is.


Anonymous said...

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Penny said...

I just blogged everyday in June :)

Hillary said...

I love that your space is such a true reflection of YOU.


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