Saturday, June 04, 2011


My last full day of vacation. Heading home tomorrow. I love our little adventures, but I also love our home and routine. Looking forward to downloading and sharing the photos from the camera.

We've been completing unplugged for most of this trip. No computer, no internet, no cell service, no distractions. So lovely. I'm back on today but trying to stick to just the parts of being connected that I love. I'll catch up on email some other day.

I do want to share that I am going to be joining 52 weeks, 52 lists starting tomorrow. Thought I'd share in case anyone wants to join me. And just because I love lists, my top 10 reasons I love living in Colorado (in no particular order!)
  1. All the national parks and monuments
  2. Hot springs!!
  3. Amazingly beautiful road trips
  4. The proximity to Utah
  5. Cool summer nights
  6. Skiing
  7. The proximity to Texas
  8. Living where others come for vacation
  9. Wildlife everywhere
  10. Hiking

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Kate said...

I love lists! I'm off to check out the 52 week list project. Sounds like fun. Glad to hear your vacation was so great.