Wednesday, June 01, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Happy June 1st! This is an easy WIP update since my machine is in the shop getting a tune up, and I've only been doing some hand stitching. My machine won't be ready for pick-up until next Wednesday, so this coming week will be pretty slow as well. I think I'll start cutting for a new quilt, because I don't have enough on my list...

WIP List:
16 projects total
11 on the back burner
1 completed (a baby quilt - I'll blog on it sometime)
1 in binding stage (another baby quilt - SO close to being finished with that darn binding)
1 in quilting stage (crosses quilt - I did get all the uneven quilting stitches pulled out)
1 needing basting (FRMQG challenge quilt - no change from last week)
1 needing piecing (Lil' Twister - I did get my aggressive trimming spots fixed with interfacing)
0 started (woohoo!)

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