Thursday, May 26, 2011

Kindergarten Hands Quilt

There is a beloved kindergarten teacher at my kids' school. Both Kate and Jack were fortunate to have her as a teacher, and I was fortunate to be a mom in class 2 years in a row. Unfortunately for all of us, this was her last year of teaching kindergarten. We wanted to do something special for her from the class, and I agreed to make a quilt. This was a fairly last minute decision, so I didn't have much time to ponder ideas. All I knew was that we wanted to put the students' hand prints on the quilt.

I quickly decided on fabric - Punctuation by American Jane - since it is a bit whimsical, retro, and just right for a teacher. By chance I was perusing quilting blogs and saw this Easy Bricks quilt. I immediately knew that it would be a perfect design for showcasing little hands. I had to adjust the dimensions to fit the hands - squares are cut 6" and the rectangles are cut 6x10".
The fabric arrived a week ago Monday. I began cutting and piecing Monday and Tuesday. Hands were traced at school on Wednesday. That evening I played around with fabric markers and appliques for the hands but decided that embroidering them would look the best.
I spent most of Thursday, Friday and Saturday embroidering 22 little hands. You don't realize how unique each little hand is until you've embroidered all of them!
I basted and quilted Saturday evening and did the binding on Sunday. I really wanted one of the black Punctuation patterns to work for the binding, but none of it was just right. Solid red was just right. Back is pieced with various fabric from the same line.
I loved making this quilt. But I cranked it out pretty fast, and my fingers are a bit sore...


Traci said...

I can't even tell you how impressed I am by the timeline of this quilt! And all that handwork!!!! It's gorgeous and I love your pattern and fabric choices! I wish we could have seen it in person at a guild meeting!

amy smart said...

What a great gift for a teacher! I'm sure it will be treasured. And that Punctuation line is perfect (and one of my favorites.) I love it - esp the stitched little hands. Thanks for sharing with me!

Penny said...

lovely gift!