Friday, May 06, 2011

Hen House

Last weekend Mimi, Dick and Uncle Mark all descended for a hen house raising. I've been waiting for this for YEARS.

Mark did all the designing, pre-purchasing of supplies, and some pre-construction. He arrived in his rig all ready to go!
We worked
and worked.
While others played.
And some supervised.
This man knows what to do with his toolbox!
This woman does not!
I just wish I had a photo of me using the plumb line! That is a cool little tool!
Testing out the chicken door.
I let Mark think that he helped me build the laying boxes.
But it was mostly me.
More supervising.
And playing.
Our backyard already had a concrete dog run, so we built the hen house to fit right inside. That's my new raised garden bed next to it. Never got around to early planting...
We still need to finish enclosing the run and add some ventilation to the hen house.
Then it will be chicken time!

Thank you, Uncle Mark! And thank you, Mimi and Dick, for all the help!


Tiffany said...

Nice! So exciting - soon you won't have to buy any eggs!

Traci said...

It looks soooo good! How many chickens do you plan on getting?

Penny said...

oo egg-citing!
Looks like the hula hoopers are practicing the chicken dance :P Looking forward to hearing about your chook adventures.

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