Monday, May 16, 2011

Daybook 5.16.11

Outside my window... cloudy, overcast, can't even tell there are mountains out there. And pretty cool for mid-May. Only 34 degrees when I left on my run this morning

I am thinking... lots of things really... that I wish certain people that read my blog would write their own blog so I could have insight into their life since they get to glimpse mine. I'm also thinking about a quote I read a couple weeks ago that "love is not a feeling but an eternal promise." The writer compared that promise to the dawn coming in deepest darkness. I've always associated sunsets with love, but I see how a sunrise might be more appropriate. I've also often declared that love is a choice and a commitment, but I like the idea of it being a promise better. An eternal promise. And mentioning sunsets reminds me that Jack's current favorite song is Annie's Song by John Denver (also one of my favorites that I frequently sing to him at bedtime). Only he doesn't have the lyrics right. He sings instead, "You fill up my sunsets... come fill me again." I rather like his version. And has it really been a whole week since I last blogged?

I am thankful for... early morning light and warm running tights (although in a few weeks, I'll be thankful for cool morning runs!)

From the kitchen... my kitchen is closed for business. I've abandoned it completely. Sheesh.

I am wearing... running shoes, windproof running tights, turtleneck, running jacket and a hat. And I'm still cold

I am creating... a couple quilts that I NEED to get done by next week. One I haven't even started yet. The fabric is supposed to arrive today. I'm going to try to document my progress on a WIP post Wed.

I am going... to Europe to see my friend Elizabeth! Okay, so I'm not going until right after my 40th birthday which is still well over a year away, but I'm already planning and scheming and excited!

I am reading... FINALLY finished Stuff. It was good, but it was a lot of the same after the first couple chapters. I don't like to not finish books, but I probably could have given up on this one last week. I also finished listening to The Paris Wife which I really enjoyed in an easy listening sorta way. Have moved on to the audiobook version of The Kitchen House. And my next book is the biography of Mother Teresa. I just haven't actually started reading it yet.

I am hoping... to figure out the sprinkler system this week so I can get my garden planted.

I am hearing... the whir of my chai in the frother

Around the house...
finally got a few things done last week that I've been wanting to get done. Rearranged some furniture, changed some artwork, added some accessories. Now I want to rearrange my office. I also want to finish cleaning out my closet. It got a bit overwhelming last week so I just shoved everything back inside.

One of my favorite things... fabric. I love it. I have a problem with buying too much of it. Every time I buy some, I tell myself I won't buy more until I use up most of what I already have. But I can't control myself! Fortunately, Matt likes the way fabric looks all folded in piles in my sewing room. And I do like being able to pull from my stash. And I find all the fabric very inspiring.

A few plans for the rest of the week: last week of school, last enrichment classes for the kids, a facial (ah!), Monument Art Hop, kindergarten BBQ, Juvenile Diabetes Promise Ball, lots o' quilting, and lots o' tennis.

Here is picture I am sharing: Jack sneaking away with his iPod Touch after swim lessons


Traci said...

Oooh--where do you guys do swim lessons? Are they really comprehensive? I feel like a total hillbilly that Will doesn't know how to even dog paddle but I don't want to spend all summer driving him to lessons. Do you know any 'down and dirty in a week' type lessons where he'll at least get the basic survival skills quickly?

Marie Green said...

I loved the Kitchen House!