Thursday, April 28, 2011

Spring Goals

And my resolutions update reminded me that I haven't posted my seasonal goals this year. I'm not going to bore you with how I did on my Winter Goals. Let's just say I accomplished about 50% and rolled over about 50% to Spring Goals. Here are my spring goals...

  • Complete financial advisor's recommendations (already done!)
  • Revise wills
  • Read one book related to finances and children
  • Start Save/Spend/Share with kids
  • Clean out basement
  • Plant Garden
  • Make 2005 & 2006 Photo Albums
  • Sort garage sale items into giveaway piles (since a garage sale is NOT going to happen this year)
  • Maintain volunteer hours
  • Read one book on education
  • Complete 2 FRMQG challenges (one done!)
  • Schedule physical
  • Schedule eye appt (this week!)
  • Read a book on strength training
  • sign up for 2011 races (mostly done!)
  • take a private tennis lesson
  • Go to yoga x5
  • Start running plan (done... sorta...)
  • organize meal plans by season (done for spring)
  • plan 1 run a week with a friend(s) (started this week!)
  • organize craft ideas
  • sign up for library summer reading program
  • plan summer travel including a Sand Dunes trip
  • figure out piano lessons
  • list lunch ideas
  • Start attending church again regularly (ski season put a crimp in our attendance)
  • meditate at least once every 3 days
  • memorize 1 spiritual passage

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