Sunday, April 03, 2011

Rest of Spring Break

Going to try to make this quick so I can go get in bed!

A few great days in Moab with Uncle Mark. I didn't realize until I was home how few photos I took...
Toasty Toes
Roasted Marshmallows!
Monday morning Matt took a little commuter flight home from Moab, while the kids and I headed towards Cortez, CO. We made a quick stop at Four Corners.
In Cortez, I splurged for Jack's birthday and got us a hotel room with a kids bunk bed fort in the room. So much fun.
We spent a snowy day at the Anasazi Heritage Center which was really interesting, and the kids earned a Junior Ranger Badge there (although this is a national monument, it is run by the BLM not the NPS, so it isn't an "official" Junior Ranger Badge).
Grinding Corn
Lowry Pueblo
Just Cute
The next morning we went to Mesa Verde National Park. It is off-season, but we still learned a lot and got to walk through a cliff dwelling.
Spruce Tree House
Coming out of the Kiva
Junior Ranger Badges
From Mesa Verde, we drove to the Pagosa Hot Springs Resort. The kids loved trying out the different temps of the spring fed hot tubs. It was a great little town, and I want to go back soon to explore more.
Hot Springs
Splitting Shrimp Tacos at Kip's
Tired Boy
We drove home the next day but had to make a pit stop at Colorado Gators on the way. Definitely an interesting place.
Holding an Alligator
Lots of Alligators
Easy to Get Up Close!
And that was our great spring break road trip adventure.


Lauren said...

Looks like a really fun trip! And the kids look so grown up. I think it is so great that you take them on road trips by yourself. I am not up for that yet but maybe in a few years!

Tiffany said...

What fun! This looks like a trip we will need to take!

Penny said...

neat! All sound like places I would like to see.

Beth said... are holding a reptile....EEEEEK!!!
Super cool trip! Your kids have the coolest mom ever. =)

Jewelry Making said...

I enjoyed watching all of your photos. What an unforgettable memories!