Monday, March 14, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick

As Nanny in Eloise would say, we've been sick, sick, sick.

Matt has had it the longest. I think he has been battling various illnesses for at least 3 weeks. I consider him our disease vector in all of this!

Before I left for Minnesota last week, Kate got it. First it was just a low grade fever on Thursday, but by Friday morning it was fever, sore throat, and headache. It was rather inconvenient as I suddenly found myself with a sick child unable to go to school and an 11am flight. Fortunately, thanks to friends, I was able to make it work (although I did feel just horrible leaving my really sick little girl to go catch a flight). Strep was going around school and 3 of us had classic symptoms, so we started everyone on antibiotics which isn't a decision I make lightly (this is only Kate's second time to be on antibiotics in 7 years, and I can't even remember the last time I was on antibiotics).

Everyone got better while I was gone, I got caught up on my sleep, and we all felt great when I returned home.

But my first night back, Jack came down with a fever, and he seems harder hit than any of us. Today, day #5, he seems to finally be on the mend. That's good because I'm tired of cranky kids, I need some good sleep, and I want a day with both kids in school.

But now Matt has another bad head cold...

On my to do list today? My top three things for staying well: change everyone's toothbrushes, take my vitamin C and go for a run.


PopMom said...

Sorry to hear that. We had stomach bug throughout our house over the last couple of weeks...Rory got hit hardest and longest too. Bummer - we just need some Spring weather and fresh air :)

Rysremedy said...

Gargling with sea salt & warm water, traditional but effective. Warm honey lemon drinks & barley water are good choices too.

Andreea said...

As I was reading your post I thought it s the " I shouldn t be alive" kind of story , from Discovery. Fever, I and hubs are having a vicious cicle too.

My tips on getting back to normal are: drink plenty of limonade, take some not so powerfull cold pills, rest and eat lots of...Greens:)