Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Old Music

When we moved into this house a couple years ago (can't believe it has already been that long!), my friend Ashlee gave us a piano that she had gotten off of Freecycle. It is a beautiful, turn-of-the-century piece that needed some TLC. It has sat in our living room ever since waiting for us to find the time, energy and money to make is playable.

Last week we had a guy come from a local piano store to evaluate it. Unfortunately, he believes that the piano needs a little too much TLC. The piano probably lived in an area of high humidity for years before being brought to Colorado. The harsh change in environments caused a lot of warping and rusting. It would cost upwards of 10K to make it playable. Just not worth it.

After hearing that news, we decided to find another piano. The piano guy took us to his piano warehouse where we looked at all varieties of old pianos. We found another beautiful piano from the late 1800's that just needs some minor work. It has the cutouts that I love, and you can even see the inner workings as you play. It should take only a few weeks to get it into tip top shape and delivered to our living room. Very excited!

They will take the old piano away and salvage all the parts that they can. It still makes me a bit sad to see the old beauty die.


Penny said...

we have my grandma's old piano. It's a bit honkytonk and needed some tidying up but it's not too bad. We want to replace it one day without something a but more easier to play. But first I need to find someone worthy of taking it.

ashlee said...

WOW. that is a different estimate from the one i got. i can't wait to see your new (old) piano!