Monday, March 07, 2011


Other than maybe occasionally referring to my Catholic upbringing, I never blog about religion. Oddly, it is actually one of my favorite topics. I find people's belief systems fascinating (sometimes in good way, sometimes not). Living in what might be the epicenter of the fundamental Christian movement, religion seems to be a alluded to frequently in conversation (again, sometimes in a good way, sometimes not).

Last summer we found a church that we like and is a good fit for our family values (open and affirming, not-so-judgmental, eco-conscious, intellectual, etc.). It has been a great experience for all of us (although ski season has put a bit of a dent in our attendance...).

Anyway, my whole point of all this is that I signed up for the church's daily email devotional. The short essays can be quite thought provoking. Last week was a devotional about going on a carbon fast for Lent. I've joined and can't wait to start. I thought some of you might want to know about it and participate.

I love being in a church where caring for creation is a priority. But I'll probably still end up in Catholic mass for Ash Wednesday. Old habits and guilt die hard... like I'll probably also end up giving up chocolate like I always have...


Anonymous said...

thought you might be interested in my lenten reflections posts

Dawn said...

I'm not Catholic but I do like to observe Lent. I like the idea of a carbon fast. I know that some bad habits have slowly crept back in to my daily life, and I haven't been as mindful of creation as I used to be.