Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fat Tuesday

The last few years we have been in Alabama during Mardi Gras and have had a king cake each visit. The kids love it and have been asking about it this year. Unfortunately, we aren't going to Alabama this year (we are so disappointed and miss seeing everyone down there). I decided that we should do our own Mardi Gras celebration on Fat Tuesday until I realized that I would be in Minnesota today. Instead we held our big party last week. Matt had to work late, but we had Miss D over for dinner.

I cooked red beans and rice with cornbread for dinner. Followed that recipe exactly except that I used dehydrated bell pepper and added a bay leaf. I also made my own creole seasoning (the spice was perfect f0r Matt and me but maybe a tad hot for the kids). The dish turned out really good, and I know Matt will be bugging me to make it again soon.

Then we had our king cake! I used this king cake recipe. It is very similar to the Swedish tea ring I make at Christmas, so it was really easy. We used the cinnamon and sugar filling. It was delicious, but I'd also like to try the cream cheese filling. I wasn't sure how to go about putting the baby inside the cake. I didn't like the idea of baking plastic, so I just punched it in through the bottom after the cake was baked. Worked great. I would love to find an antique, porcelain king cake baby to use in the future.
Who found the baby and gets the good luck all year? Miss D!
And because it is Fat Tuesday, I'm doing a repeat performance tonight in Minnesota with my friend Michelle's family. Yum!

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