Sunday, February 13, 2011

No Buy Mid-Month Check-In

So I've purchased a few things... BUT it is not in what I have purchased but in what I have NOT purchased that shows the effectiveness of the exercise. I'm not going to list all the things I've wanted to buy to save space and face. I will admit to what I have purchased, and, of course, give you my justifications for each...
  • Running shoes - I was using old shoes (and the bitter cold!) as an excuse not to go out. No more excuses now. Yep. I'm going to start back today. Yep. Just after I get a few other things done...
  • Labels - I use these in my planner/organizer. I was out and figure there is no reason to let me organization slack because I can't buy more.
  • Box of Sharpies - shouldn't have purchased these. Should have just used all the old pens I have in my desk drawer. Instead, I'm using the opportunity to clean out all those old pens (some dating back to high school and college! Yikes!) to make room for the new Sharpies.
  • Airplane ticket to Minnesota - not sure if this qualifies in my no buy month. I think it falls more under the experience category in which case I shouldn't get dinged. But I'm admitting to it anyway.
Sampling of what I wanted to buy but didn't: immersion blender at Tuesday Morning, Pillow Pets for Valentine's Day gifts to the kids, fabric and more fabric, teapot at Urban Outfitters, everything in the latest Sundance Catalog, and an Ibex skirt on sale.

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