Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Direct Mail

I'm having a lovely quiet morning. I was up early, meditated, and enjoyed some quiet time with my chai tea before the masses descended into the kitchen. Now that everyone is off to school and work, I'm getting items on my to do list ticked off much faster than normal. Mornings are definitely my higher productivity time, but I rarely have free time in the mornings.

One thing ticked off my to do list was to contact the Direct Marketing Association to be taken off mail lists. Seems like the junk mail has been steadily increasing again. Especially catalogs. I used the registry at I had to register and then go through the "Manage My Mail" process. I still need to go back and do it for Matt. He's sometimes a bit trickier because he has mail come to both Matt and Matthew plus a couple different prefixes. Oddly we also get frequent junk mail using Matt's dad's name with our address. I need to figure out how to fix that.

I'm also planning on checking my catalogs over the next month and updating my choices on I noticed a significant decrease in catalogs when I did this a few years ago.

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